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ID doesn't exists

It keep saying that when i try to access to the Test Server :< !!!


  • same at General 1 server T_T

  • Por que sigue saliendo eso en el servidor, ptmre ya aburre enserio -,-

  • tengo un problema el juego se me cierra cuando carga la imagen del mago por que sera

  • Greetings and sorry for the late answer, i've been really busy.
    about that problem it's because the Test Server is just for GMs and Authorized people, to test new things and later update the main server.

    about the Wrong ID if you get that message when trying to enter other servers, it's because your account hasn't been activated yet, and you have to check your email inbox and see if there is any RakionGOT email of account activation. if there isn't you have to login on the website to be able to re-send the activation email.

  • Lo Confirme pero igual me sigue saliendo lo mismo

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